Pišem da izbacim emocije iz sebe

Pjesme volim pisati jer tako iz sebe izbacujem emocije, bile one pozitivne ili negativne, sve samo izađu van pjesmom. Ako mi dođe neka inspiracija, neka slika, neka misao, pa čak i neka rečenica, samo počnem pisati. Tako sam skupio 66 pjesama napisanih na engleskom i pet na hrvatskom jeziku. Nijedna nije uglazbljena. Za sad…

Pišem na engleskom jer mi je, iskreno, lakše smisliti rimu nego na hrvatskom. Možda zato što slušam dosta engleskih pjesama i tako usput zapamtim riječi kojima bih mogao slagati rime.

The Ones Who Lie

Don’t look for good that isn’t real
Then only hell you will feel
Never you be, never you free
If you trust The Ones Who Lie

Stranger they may be
Or even in your family
Don’t let them control your mind
They’ll make you blind

It’s a brick wall you can’t skip
You may try but you’ll only trip
And fall

It’s like believing you are the master
When you are just a puppet there
So small

They’ll tell you all the illusions
All the mysteries that don’t exist
Tell you the perfect descriptions
But you’ll be stuck in a never ending mist

It’s believing that the sky is full of stars
When the stars are prison lights
It’s believing you are smelling a rose
But getting poison overdose

Watch yourself or you’ll go insane
Nothing ever you will gain
No more you’ll see the difference
Of Good and Evil
All you will think is madness
All you will feel is emptiness
No more you’ll feel the difference
Of Heaven And Hell

I Want To Fly

I’m down on the earth, I’m so down low
Since the day of my birth, I want to grow
Take the negativity and away to throw
Make my own road and everyone I’ll show

Don’t need anyone to tell me what to do
But tell me who do you think you are, who?

I don’t want to sit alone and cry
Even less I want to lay down and die
Tell me why does it happen, why
When the only thing I want is to fly

I want To Fly
High in the sky
I Want To Fly
Like an eagle so high
I Want To Fly

Up, over the clouds so white
Where the Sun is so bright
And the Moon can be clear
And no fear, at all no fear

Feel the warmth of the Sun, so kind
It can give me my wanted peace of mind

Growing is my desire
So higher and higher
I’ll tell you now why
All I want is to fly

I don’t need any kind of permission
No, it is not my wanted mission
Give me the ability to fly, it’s my true desire
Growing in me like vast burning fire

I Want To Fly
High in the sky
I Want To Fly
Like an eagle so high
I Want To Fly

Leave me
I Want To Fly
I want to break free
I Want To Fly
Get out of this prison cell
Cause I Want To Fly
Leave behind this hell
And just fly, I Want To Fly

Last Kiss Goodbye

Come here my darling
Don’t you be worrying
Take my hand, let’s go to the fire
With our hot burning desire

You and me
Here and now
Let’s dance
How we did it the first time

You are my one and only snake
Tempting bites you give and I take
“Come here honey” you are calling
In the flame where we are falling

You and me
Here and now
Let’s dance
How we did it the first time

Put your face on my shoulders
Destroy my hearts heavy boulders
I give you memories, my dear
Every time you are with me near

You and me
Here and now
Let’s dance
How we did it the first time

I see it in your eye
You don’t want me away
You see in my eye
The Last Kiss Goodbye